Carrier Oils vs Essential Oils
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Carrier Oils vs. Essential Oils
How they are different and why it matters

This course is for you if you want to: 
  • Know the difference between an essential oil and a carrier oil with certainty
  • Develop the right language to explain this crucial difference to others so that they can avoid mixing them up
  • Avoid mistaking an essential oil for a carrier oil and risking sensitization or worse
  • Discover ways to combine different carrier oils with essential oils to create safe and effective recipes, bases and blends. 

I'm Susan M Parker, teacher, researcher and writer. I've been working with the lipid oils (carrier oils) for 20 plus years first as an herbalist and then in creating and developing my skincare line. In 2014 I wrote and published Power of the Seed Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty which has become the go to handbook on carrier oils for people around the world. 
Susan M Parker
Here's a few additional resources inside the course
  • An essential oil and carrier oil comparison chart 
  • Essential oil dilution chart
  • Measurements and equivalents chart
  • Ideas for making facial oils, body oils and massage oils
  • Storage and care to prolong carrier oil shelf life
  • Worldwide sources list for carrier oils 
Carrier Oils vs Essential Oils
Knowing the Difference Is Crucial
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